We designed the YETI Tundra® 105 with more height and a smaller footprint, so it takes up less room in your boat or truck bed. That extra altitude lets you stack your meats and drinks up high with enough room for a layer of ice on top. This body shape means greater capacity and longer ice retention than your standard cooler.

Note: This Tundra cooler comes with one dry goods basket.




Holds 67 Cans Of beer (Using a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio by volume).
82 Pounds of Ice (only)

  • Outside 19 3/4” × 19 7/8” × 30 7/8”
  • Inside 12 3/8” × 14 5/8” × 23”
  • Empty Weight 36 LBS

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Desert Tan, White




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